Manage Your Product Terminology
to Meet International Regulatory Requirements

A webinar presented by CSOFT's team of experts:

Carl Yao, VP of Global Strategy
Tammy Werner,
Director of Life Sciences
Uwe Muegge,
Chief Terminologist & Senior Tools Strategist
Richard Chin,
Regulatory Affairs Lead

October 18
Don't leave your company at risk by not properly managing product terminology.

Are you keeping a detailed record of important product terminology to show at all times how they are created, reviewed, translated and approved? If not, chances you are not protecting yourself against potential compliance audits. The FDA and international regulatory authorities require a paper trail for the complete revision history and approval record for electronic content. Join our team of experts as they explain the importance of managing your terminology professionally in order to meet international regulatory requirements.
Register for October 18
10:30am EDT / 2:30pm GMT
Over the course of this 60 minute webinar, we will cover:
The danger of not keeping a detailed record of the creation, alteration and approval of your product terminology
The importance of accurately and completely defining your terminology
Why you can’t wait to begin managing your terminology immediately
The simple way to develop your terminology - TermWiki Pro!
Why terminology management will save your company time and money

Click here to request a white paper on “How Terminology Management Helps Life Sciences Companies Meet Global Regulatory Requirements

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